About Tien Nguyen From MarsWP.com

The Genesis of MarsWP.com

In 2014, I embarked on a journey to build a website aimed at disseminating knowledge about computers and technology. My first project utilized Joomla to create a blog on Hosting, however, I have since transitioned entirely to WordPress.

Given the abundance of superb and freely available plugins, along with the supportive communities found on the internet, WordPress has become my go-to option for all new projects, including MarsWP.com.

As of October 2023, I have been utilizing this open source for approximately seven years and have developed an absolute fondness for it.

On this blog, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and collating the Plugins, Themes, Hosting, and VPS that I have used. My aim is to assist beginners in swiftly locating the best resources for their websites, saving them the time-consuming research I had to undertake in the past.

How I Earn Money From Blogging

There are numerous avenues to earn money online these days, be it through YouTube, Facebook, Dropshipping, and so forth. However, Affiliate Marketing and Adsense remain my preferred methods. The construction of an Authority Site could potentially offer a source of passive income.

At MarsWP.com, I am engaged in Affiliate Marketing programs with Hosting, VPS, and Theme providers. Consequently, when you purchase any product through my links, I earn a commission from these products.

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